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The DarkadeNFT Ecosystem

A PLAY and EARN nft game like you have never seen before.
DarkadeNFT is a revolutionary gaming ecosystem based on crafting unique NFTs.
The premise is simple: an epic story, an inspired aesthetic, a passionate community and many innovative mechanics make DarkadeNFT a truly new and engaging metaverse.
Start by choosing one of four classes: Human, Cyborg, Alien or Animal. Get your free body and start creating your unique character. Search the chests for the most powerful weapons, the most exotic clothing and all the legendary accessories to equip your hero.
In the community marketplace you can sell, buy and trade NFTs, items and complete characters. There are more than a thousand items created entirely by hand, with amazing details and a story to tell. When you have finished creating your character and are satisfied, you can finally mint it on-chain and get a unique NFT. We have based DarkadeNFT on the Layer-2 blockchain to provide maximum scalability and security for all users.
If you have enough courage, and if Lady Luck assists you, you can bring a legend to life. Or you can create an abomination, one that will terrorize an entire sector of the universe. The choice is yours, however, hurry, there is not much time left!

The Darkade Universe. It’s dark, it’s gritty, it’s dangerous.

The Darkade Universe is alive, pulsating, full of mysteries and unexplored possibilities. But it is also dark, ruthless and dangerous. Very dangerous. Do you think this war is too big for one hero? Ally with a guild, and fight alongside your most trusted friends. Create lasting alliances, engineer a betrayal, join a conspiracy and lust for power. But don't forget to watch your back. You never know what lurks in the shadows.
Conquer uncharted lands, found new cities and train your own army. The Darkade Universe is rich and limitless!